We are
Legendary Skies

An instrumental rock band based in Austin, TeXas.

Legendary Skies officially formed in 2012 after a serendipitous encounter between Paul White and a project then known as NET. After some collaborative writing sessions, it was realized into a new project that would combine the talents of all involved.

Legendary Skies released its debut album Novarupta in 2015 which was followed by a tour in support of Blue October. Awarded #14 in Post-Rock’s best albums of 2015, Novarupta set the bar for the future of Legendary Skies.

Spending the following two years reflecting, writing, and recording, Legendary Skies began piecing together its sophomore release, Navigation. In Fall of 2017, Legendary Skies' goal of creating an album that could serve as a soundtrack for listeners in search of life's meaning and purpose had finally been accomplished.

Legendary Skies:

Michael Berry, Jeff Bononcini, David Hinojosa, Eric Holtz, and Paul White


David Hinojosa | Bass

A product of South Texas, I grew up in a small town where music and culture were major cornerstones of my upbringing. During my middle school years, I picked up the bass guitar and the tuba. I moved on to attend the University of Texas at Austin where I majored in music and studied to be a band director. Now a public school teacher, I work to enrich lives through music and perpetuate the importance of music education.


Jeff Bononcini | Drums

I grew up in San Antonio, Texas. I was attracted to drums since I was 5 or 6. My uncle used to play and I would cry if he didn’t let me sit in the throne or mess around. Drums has always been an outlet, something I can do myself, to push myself and see where I can go. My high school band director was my biggest influence. My drive is not fame, I just want drums to be a part of my life until I die.


Michael Berry | Guitar

Music was background noise to me most of my life.

I messed around on my brothers guitar a little while growing up. I would really just make noise. It was around my 19th birthday when my mom kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday and I just said a guitar not thinking too much about it. I was not expecting to dive 100% in to it. I became obsessed with the guitar and soon with guitarists and the way they play. Cut to 6 years later I auditioned for legendary Skies and been slaying ever since.


Eric Holtz | Guitar

I grew up in West Texas where I was encouraged to explore creative and musical outlets. After finding fascination with marching band at age 12, I began taking drum lessons and worked on diversifying my musicianship throughout high school and college. At the University of Texas, I met David Hinojosa and we hit it off making music together. Now, a professional recording engineer, I enjoy working with many different musicians, lending my musicianship to many projects including: Blue October, Cloudkicker/Intronaut, Zeale, Danny Malone, and more.


Paul White | Guitar

I was born and raised in Austin, TX and became fascinated with music at a young age. My consistent patience waiting by the radio for my favorite song to play, with my two little fingers ready to press record and that button with an “arrow” pictured on it, lead to the pursuit of the creation of music and ultimately the construction of a recording studio, the study of film scoring at Berklee, and my great friends in Legendary Skies: The Articifer, The Watchmaker, The Chemist, The CodeMaker, The Blacksmith, The Engineer and The Keymaker. We shall Press Onward, Print to Tape and Give Blood to the Stream.