Indiegogo Campaign Perks Shipping

Thank you to our backers for your generous contributions and donations to our Indiegogo campaign. When we set out to release Navigation, we were not sure what kind of reaction we would get. We have been humbled by your response and are grateful to have had your support for our sophomore release. Truly, this would not be possible without each of you.

If the perk you chose has an estimated delivery date of December 2018, your perk has been shipped out as of 12/12/2018. This does not apply to some specialty perks (drumheads/songs).

We hope you all enjoy this album. It is a work that we poured countless hours into crafting, and feel immensely proud of. However, this album is not ours alone. By helping us give it a proper release, this album has become part yours.

Thank you for a great campaign,

Legendary Skies