Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

With the release of our first album, Novarupta, we discovered that making and sharing our music was a calling that brought us a tremendous sense of purpose and fulfillment. The response to that album allowed us to reach people in ways we could not have imagined. Since then, we have continued to grow both as people and as musicians and "Navigation" is proof of that. With your help, you will enable us to bring this album to life. Thanks for your continued support!

Why We Are Campaigning:

We decided to start a crowdfunding campaign to offer our supporters unique experiences and bundles that go beyond a digital download. Our perks have expanded as well, adding specially crafted songs around your story, or covers of your favorite songs in the style of Legendary Skies!

With our fundraising goal met, we will still be one step closer to realizing our vision of releasing our sophomore album, Navigation.

The Impact:

As a small, indie band, we truly rely on your contributions to be able to release music. Your funds go to more than just a CD and a T-Shirt. They help Legendary Skies forge new opportunities and motivate us to create new music.

In our 2015 fundraiser, generous support from friends and family allowed us to go above our fundraising goal of $10,000. Meeting that goal was a huge milestone for Legendary Skies, and it allowed us to give Novarupta a stand-out debut. With your help, we aim to achieve the same for Navigation.


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